Soundtrack – Into the North

This soundtrack has been composed by the fantasy-folk-band ELANE,
especially for the big Andor-Expansion.

You may listen to the soundtrack while playing
to make the gameplay even more intense.



Important: The soundtrack is about 70 minutes long. So the download might take some time.

Hint: Before starting the soundtrack, finish all preparations first and read the legend cards O1-O4.
When you’re ready to begin your adventures in the land of Andor, start the soundtrack.

Tipp: Erledigt zuvor alle Spielvorbereitungen und lest alle „O“-Karten vor (also beispielsweise O1 bis O4). Startet erst dann, also wenn das Spiel richtig losgeht, den Soundtrack.

Die Legenden von Andor – Die Reise in den Norden (Original Score)
Music by ELANE. Recorded at Kalthallen. Produced by Markus Skroch & Nico Steckelberg.
Here you’ll find more about the fantastic world of ELANE: