Legend 4

! Q: What happens to a creature which has reached the exit of the mine (space 0)?
A: The N-token will be moved 1 space down the Legend track immediately and the creature will be removed from the game. Unfortunately, this is not explicitly explained on the Legend card.

Q: Will the alarm be triggered also when at sunrise a creature enters a space containing my hero?
A: Yes. No matter if your hero enters the space containing a creature or a creature enters a space containing your hero, the alarm will be triggered in both cases.

Q: Please explain how boulder tokens will be removed in detail.
A: To remove one or more boulder tokens from an adjacent space, you must perform a fight action against the boulders. Each attempt to remove boulders costs you 1 hour on the time track. As in a standard battle there may be more than one battle round. To remove a boulder token your hero’s battle value (strength plus dice value) must be at least as great as the value on one of the boulder tokens. If the hero’s battle value is as great or greater than the sum of two or more boulder tokens, you may remove those boulder tokens. As in a battle against a creature heroes can join in a team battle to remove boulder tokens. This costs all heroes involved 1 hour on the time track each. Removed boulder tokens will be returned to the game box.  

Q: If I lose a gem because of a Secret Lake card, do I have to discard it randomly, or can I choose which gem to lose?
A: Unlike in real life you may decide which gem to remove from the game.