Legend 5

! Q: What happens when we have defeated Tarok? Do we still have to fight against the other creatures?
A: No. After you have defeated Tarok the Legend ends. Like in other legends the narrator will be moved onto the N-token immediately. Although we have not explicitly written this on the Legend card.

Q: We are a very experienced group of gamers. How can we raise the difficulty level of Legend 5?
A: On Legend card A5 the heroes get some items. You can raise the difficulty level if you do not give the heroes any items at the beginning.

Q: If I use a shield against a Dragon Battle card after a battle round was lost, does it prevent the card to be placed on the bottom of the deck?
A: No. The shield only cancels the negative effect for a hero or the band of heroes. After a lost fight the card will allways be placed on the bottom of the deck..

Q: When we buy the gems from Garz the Dwarven Trader, who will get these gems?
A: Your group decides if all gems will be taken by one hero or if you split them among the group. No matter, who of you has spent how many gold or willpower to buy the gems.

Q: How many heroes can stand on the old defense tower at the same time? Does it cost hours on the time track to move on the defense tower?
A: Only 1 hero may stand on the tower at one time. A hero standing on space 17 can put is hero on top of the cardboard tower. This does not cost additional hours on the time track. Only this hero has 2 additional strength points.