The Creatures

The creatures and Tarok, the Dragon

Krahal, the magical realm from which the dragons drew their power, erupted years ago. Only one dragon survived the catastrophe; his name was Tarok, an enormous dragon with black wings.

Then, other creatures crawled from the depths of Krahal and became the servants of Tarok, the last dragon. They had no name when they arrived in Andor, but the keepers of the tree of songs called them “gors.” They were evil, spiritless creatures feared by men and dwarfs alike. They were stooped and unarmed, save their powerful hands which were beset with big, fearsome claws.

But there were even worse creatures; skrals and wardraks. Skrals were big and muscular with dangerous dragontails armed with swords and wearing armor. They were much more intelligent than gors, what made them more difficult to defeat. The wardraks were even bigger and stronger than skrals, and their black skin disguised them in the night, when they moved quickly towards Rietburg Castle.


Author: Stefanie Schmitt