Reka the Witch

One day, Sabin found a child sleeping at the well, wrapped in grey scarves. Sabin picked it up and took the child to the Krahds. Sabin was one of the Ambacus, the so-called slaves of Krahd. Radack was her master and the Lord of Krahd and he decided that Sabin should raise the child as if it was one of her own. It was a girl and Sabin gave her the name Reka. There was something special about Reka. Sabin suffered under the cruel command of the Krahds like all slaves did and with one more child it was even harder. But Reka had an unusual talent to always see some light in the darkness that surrounded them. She gave Sabin and many others of the Ambacus power and increased their will. So it wasn’t a big surprise that she supported Brandur and his friends when they tried to escape from Krahd. And many years later, she became a helpful ally for the heroes of Andor.


Author: Stefanie Schmitt