Legend 3

! Q: We are a very experienced group of gamers. How can we raise the difficulty level of Legend 3?
A: You should place 2 additional creature tokens on space C of the legend track. Furthermore move the N-token to space L of the Legend track.

Q: There is a fate card which says a Skral has to be placed in the space where the first rune stone will be revealed. Do I have to reveal a rune stone when I share the space with it? Do I have to reveal an adjacent rune stone by using the telescope?
A: No. In both cases you can reveal the rune stone but you are not forced to do so. It is possible to reveal a fog token in an adjacent space and leave a rune stone accidently laying there unrevealed.

Q: The boss enemy „The cursed Gor“ doubles the strength points of the heroes. Are all player’s strength points doubled or only the strength points of the heroes attacking him? When revealing the event card ‘”The king’s blacksmiths” (no. 23) can the heroes refuse the additional strength points?
A: The cursed Gor doubles only the strength points of the heroes who take part in the battle. The event card cannot be refused. The heroes must take the strength points.