Chada, the archer from the watchful forest:
Chada was one of the keepers of the Tree of Songs. The keepers lived in the Watchful Forest and it was their duty to save and archive the chronicles of Andor at the Tree of Songs. Chada was born in a bitterly cold winter. Her people starved for weeks and her mother died only a few days after her birth. Somehow, Chada survived; the wise women of the village said she was blessed. In her early life, Chada learned how to hunt by using a bow. But soon she began to use her bow not only for hunting but to fight the evil creatures who attacked the Tree of Songs.

Eara, the wizard:
Eara grew up in Hadria, the land of magic and wizardry. Magical skills were not unusual in Hadria, but Eara’s power was extraordinary even in her childhood. Her Mother saw Eara moving a feather trough the air using only her willpower. But her biggest skill was her ability to transfer her power to other people. Like all of the best wizards, she had to go on a journey to prove her power. Her biggest challenge was resisting the temptation to use her power to dominate the weak and misfortunate.

Kram, the dwarf:
Kram was the son of Drack, one of the slaves that Brandur led through the grey mountains to Andor. Kram’s mother met Drack while they passed the forgotten tower; she fell in love with him immediately. She left Cavern, the home of the shield dwarfs, and accompanied Drack. When they reached Andor, they built a large family; Kram was their seventh son. He was never a hotspur, like so many other dwarfs, but he was exceedingly brave and destined to become a fearless fighter.

Thorn, the warrior:
He was born the son of a farmer and grew up in the southern grasslands of Andor. Even as a young boy, he had the wish to compete with other boys, and his father needed a lot of patience to teach him the basics of farming. His mother was able to read and write, which was unusual for women far from Rietburg Castle, and she gave Thorn his love of books. But the thing Thorn loved most was the thrill of the swordfight. He learned fencing from a fellow of King Brandur who lived near the Thorns. It was a blessing, because when the Trollwars erupted in even the southern parts of Andor, the 14-year-old Thorn was able to defend his family.


Author: Stefanie Schmitt